Casa Forch-Gomez Pablos

Location: Vitacura, Santiago
Year: 2007-2008
Area: 180 m2

This is an extension of a house dating from 1960. It has been added a second floor, incorporating new dependencies such as living rooms, places for reading, leisure, etc. The architectural challenge has to do with two aspects, the first is the relationship with the neighborhood context in which the house is inserted. This contextual relationship has been resolved by a rather discreet volume, which does not want to impose itself as a "curious, innovative character", but rather to join the pre-existing order, made up of old houses, from the 50s and 60s. Houses surrounded by vegetation , with lights and shadows, that keep small silent patios, that do not hide the passage of time.
The second aspect to be solved relates to interior spatiality. The use of double height as a spatial link has been privileged, and the qualification of specific spaces by attributes of light (cenital, colored, indirect, etc.). The house will be inhabited by a little girl, charming ... what will be her memories of this place? That's what I've been worried about. I can imagine her going up the stairs and seeing how the light from the east, the morning light, is transmuted by the color, yellow and blue ... these things are unforgettable. The earliest memories of childhood.