Casa La Mirada (Proyecto)

Architects:Juan Almarza, Catalina Imboden
Location: Condominium La Reserva, Colina, Santiago de Chile
Year 2008
Area: 320 m2
Materiality: Concrete walls and stucco reinforced masonry, stone cladding.

The houses of La Reserva condominium tend to be conceived as "showrooms-showcases", extremely exposed to the context that surrounds them, therefore we opted to generate an inverse party: a well-kept, hidden interior courtyard, which constitutes the "center of gravity" of the house, around which the volumes are arranged. This interior patio constitutes a contained void, a counter-view, which balances the natural expansion of the gaze towards horizons in the distance. The material expression of the house is consistent with the context in which it is inserted: white stuccoed walls, wood and natural stone cladding, combined with greenery that allows controlling the intense solar radiation of the summer months and the wind, characteristic of the northern area of Santiago where the project is located.