Casa Urra (Proyecto)

Location: La Florida, Santiago de Chile
Year: 2012
Area: 200 m2

The project corresponds to a house for a family of 4 members, located in La Florida, Santiago. The elongated shape of the plot, with a narrow front of 10 meters and a length of 40 meters, implies opting for a longitudinal volume attached to the southern boundary, to optimize the sunning of the north facade and leaving a free area for garden around the house. The program is organized around a living room in double height, which opens directly to the plot by the front and one of its sides, forming a kind of small interior garden. The most private areas are located on the second floor, including a games room and a guest bedroom.

This project is an exercise about "tightness", both in formal and material terms. What does "tight" mean in architectural terms? An status of exactness, with no missing or leftover elements. Perhaps the equivalent of a jeans trousers, or a work cotona, in the ambit of costume design. Pure honesty, which deals with the essential: decent living sizes, a warm light, a distribution that protects the relationship between public and private (the possibility of shifting from collective familiar gathering to individual isolation), and some interior distances.